We offer all building maintenance services including:

  1. ​HVAC
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing
  4. Landscaping


We will locate, renovate and make spaces available for your team to carryout your operations in a turn key solution:

  1. Let us know when, how, what and where you would like to relocate and we will handle the rest.

Our Services


Janitorial Services

Special Cleaning


Post Construction Clean Up

Maid Services

 - Maid for a Day

 - Permanent Placement

 - Short Term Services


Lean Six Sigma Training

  • White Belt - 4 Hours (Introduction to)      
  • Yellow Belt - 8 Hours (Scratching the Surface)
  • Green Belt - 5 Days (Scuba Diving)
  • Brown Belt - 5 Weeks + Projects (Deep Diving) 
  • Black Belt - 5 Weeks + Projects + Exam (Deep Sea Expert)

Project Management

HR Handbook

Policies and Procedures

Balance Scorecard

Training & Development


If you have any other request for training, please feel free to contact us...,

HR Services

Work Permit Application

​  - Jamaica/Caricom

​  - USA

​  - Canada

  - UK/Australia


​  - All Functions

​  - Business Processes

Talent Search

  - Head Hunting

  - Recruiting

Training & Development

Permanent and Contract Placement

Career Development

Payroll Solution

Please note that we will not cold solicit to anyone (via spam or otherwise) regarding offers for our programs or available jobs - If you have received any email without you making prior contact to, especially if you are asked to respond only to different email addresses, this communication is not from and should be promptly reported.  

If anyone claims to be sending you money or making too good of an offer to believe - it probably is too good to be real and should be suspected as fraud.  Always pay attention to the reply to addresses of all emails you receive and never ever open
files that were sent to you in any format, especially if you don't know the sender.